Ridgid MS1290LZA Saw, 12-Inch Compound Sliding Miter with Laser Review (2022)

Ridgid’s Ridgid MS1290LZA Saw is a 12-inch compound sliding miter with a laser, and it brings a new level of efficiency and innovation to the table for the industry. This saw is capable of making a wide variety of cuts thanks to its robust motor (rated at 15 Amps) and laser (with an adjustable blade depth). Ridgid has never produced a product that has let down its customers, and with this saw, the company demonstrated that it is both inventive and effective.

If you are thinking about purchasing one, the following are some of the most important things you should know:


  • A robust motor with 15 Amps of power that can easily power through any kind of material and cut.
  • You can produce rabbet cuts quickly and easily with the help of the blade depth adjustment function.
  • You are able to make adjustments more easily since the miter and bevel locks are equipped with a fast release.
  • A repeat Using a cut marking surface helps you save time while ensuring that each of your repeated cuts is of the same high quality.
  • Your workshop will stay clean with the aid of a dust port measuring 2-1/2 inches that is compatible with any kind of dust collecting system.
  • This 12 inch blade with sliding characteristics excels beyond all others in its category.
  • This provides a respectable cross cut of 13 and a half inches.
  • Because this saw is equipped with a work clamp, the material may be secured in its location to maintain both safety and accuracy.
  • In order to provide more support for the materials you are cutting with the slider miter saw, an enlarged table is available to you.
  • It is equipped with a zero clearance throat plate that provides an incredible amount of support for cutting through the materials.
  • A speed of 4,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) with no load for more rapid cutting.
  • Dual bevel, having a range of 0 to 47 degrees in each direction.
  • A miter range of 0 degrees to 60 degrees.
  • With the help of the Bevel stop pin function, it is simple to conduct pin releases and to get around the detent index points for the bevel.
  • You can get the most precise cutting using sliders measuring 1 3/6 inches in width.
  • A bigger handle for adjusting the capabilities of the miter saw, as well as an improved degree indication for the miter saw.
  • It is capable of cutting a 4×4 or a 2×12 in a single pass.
  • A fence that is extremely high and can be adjusted for use with all high molding.
  • The controls for the saws are positioned on the saws with the user’s ability to reach them in mind when the saw is in operation.
  • Ideally suited for major industrial corporations,


  • Heavy saw that is not suitable for those who do not have a dedicated work space
  • The dust pick up is not as exact as it might be.
  • It has a very loud voice.


Those who work with a broad variety of materials and types of cuts will find the Ridgid MS1290LZA 12 Inch Compound Miter Sliding Saw to be an invaluable tool. It may be used for a variety of tasks, ranging from framing to pruning. Because of its big movable table and its strong engine, it is an absolute need for anybody dealing with huge materials. Not only is it recommended for the saw itself, but also for the valuable add-ons that are included with it, such as the MS1290 Miter Saw, the Exactline adjustable laser guide, the carbide tipped blade, the dust bag, the dust guide, the work clamp, the blade wrench, the hex keys, and the operator’s manual.

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