JET J-3410 3/4-HP Horizontal Wet Bandsaw Review (2022)

Heavy-duty tool with a rapid-acting vise, side and rear blade guides, and a 34 HP single-phase motor; this is the JET J-3410 3/4-HP 115-Volt Single Phase Horizontal Wet Bandsaw from JET. It operates at 115 volts (1,725 RPM).

It is ideal for jobs requiring a high level of cut-off output since it offers four different cutting speeds.

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The JET J-3410 is designed to cut nearly any material, and the bi-metal blades that measure 34 inches in diameter ensure that the cutting process is both quick and smooth. In addition, the saw is equipped with a wheeled base, making it very simple and convenient to move the device throughout your workplace. The following is a list of the top characteristics of this Jet horizontal band saw:

  • Cutting capacity of 6 x 7 inches, single-phase motor rated at 115 volts and 3/4 horsepower
  • Blade drive in steel
  • tempered worm with four different cutting rates (88, 132, 178, and 260 RPM)
  • Adjustable blade guides for greater control
  • The saw’s head and table are both made of cast iron.
  • Cast iron with flanges on the blade wheels
  • Coolant system already in place Flexible and adaptable hydraulic feed system Increased safety with automated shut-off
  • Wheel set to facilitate movement about the workplace more easily
  • Warranty with a time restriction of two years

Technical Details

Cutting Depth at 45°, 7 x 10 Inch; Cutting Depth at 90°, 6 x 7 Inch; Blade Size L x W x T, 3/4 Inch x 93 Inch x 0.035 Inch; Cutting Angle, 6 x 7; Cutting Depth at 45°, 7 x 10 Inch; Cutting Angle, 6 x 7 Inch; Dimensions L x W x H: 50 x 18 x 41 inches.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:

The JET J-3410 bandsaw is a joy to use at either the workplace or in the comfort of one’s own home thanks to its quick-acting vise and enormous square frame. This industrial-grade bandsaw is designed to survive for a long time and has a broad variety of attributes, including the following:

  • When dealing with a variety of metals, the JET J-3410 is equipped with a feature that enables it to deliver four distinct cutter speeds, which results in improved performance and control.
  • The built-in cooling system does a fantastic job of protecting the blades’ structural integrity and prolonging the amount of time they can be put to productive use. Additionally, the capability of wetting the blades with coolants or cutting fluids has the potential to speed up the cutting times for a range of materials. This capability is referred to as “wet cutting.”
  • Because it is equipped with wheels measuring 8 inches in diameter, this horizontal band saw does not have to be kept in a particular spot inside the workshop; rather, it may be moved about as needed.
  • The strong 34 horsepower single phase motor of the JET J-3410 Horizontal Wet Bandsaw makes quick work of cutting through a wide variety of metals with the 34 inch bi-metal blade of the bandsaw.
  • The bandsaw has blade guides with an eccentric shaft and sealed ball bearings on the side and rear for improved control over the cutting action. These bearings are located on the side and back of the saw.
  • The completely adjustable vice jaws with a 45-degree swivel are fantastic for rapid gripping of the material of choice and are excellent for cutting the metal into straight or awkwardly curved pieces.
  • Cons:

Although the Jet horizontal band saw is a high-quality piece of machinery, it does seem to have a few downsides that are worth addressing. These shortcomings are worth mentioning since they are important. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that are related with using this saw:

In the same vein as the other types of Jet horizontal band saws, the drip pan isn’t particularly efficient at draining, which may lead to pools of cooling fluid being left on the floor.
To tighten or loosen the bolts that hold the adjustable guides, you will need to use a socket wrench rather than your free hand. This makes adjusting the bolts more difficult than it should be.
When cutting metal using the tool, there does not seem to be any stability locks on the wheeled base to prevent the chance of movement occurring.


The JET J-3410 metalworking bandsaw is loaded with a plethora of helpful functions, which ensures that this device offers a dependable option for slicing through the various metals that are found in an industrial setting. This saw is a joy to use thanks to its vertical worktable with an adjustable material stop, its 34-inch carbon steel blade, and its ball bearing blade guides. The bandsaw does have a few flaws, but these issues aren’t expected to have much of an effect on the saw’s overall speed and performance.

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