JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 3/4-HP Horizontal Band Saw Review (2022)

Both commercial construction sites and private garages may benefit from having the Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw from Jet, model number HVBS-7MW.

This bandsaw can cut most metals thanks to its 115-volt motor, swivel vise, hydraulic feed, and high capacity cutting range. It also offers a high capacity cutting range (aluminum to steel). You have full control over the speed of the cut, allowing you to get the smoothest and most exact finish possible through the material, thanks to the sophisticated hydraulic downfeed system.

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There are a lot of selling features that draw you to the wide-ranging attributes of the Jet HVBS-7MW Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw, such as its ability to cut through a variety of materials and its variable speed. Some examples of these selling elements are as follows: The following is a list of the most advantageous characteristics of this multipurpose band saw:

  • The capacity for cutting is 7 inches by 12 inches.
  • Vise may rotate up to 45 degrees.
  • Powered by a 3/4 horsepower, 115-volt motor
  • Variable blade speed – manual settings at 85, 130, 180 and 285-ft per minute
  • Automatic power cutoff for reasons of safety
  • Capability of working with a variety of materials
  • Guides for the roller blades, which contribute to greater stability
  • Adjustable material stop
  • Integrated chip tray to help keep the working area organized clutter-free
  • To prolong the life of the blade, blade brush is used.
  • 5 inches of throat space available
  • Warranty for two years.

Technical Details

7 inches of cutting depth at a circular 90 degree angle – The cutting depth for a circular cut at 45 degrees is 4 12 inches. Cutting Capacity (SFPM): 0-260 Dimensions (L x W x H): 49 12 x 20 12 x 41 inches Blade Type: Bi-Metal Cutting Capacity (SFPM): 0-260

Pros & Cons

  • Pros

Because it has such a broad range of performance capabilities and safety features, the Jet horizontal band saw is a fan favorite on the job site as well as in the home workshop. The following are some of the highlights of the Jet HVBS-7MW:

  • The HVBS-7MW has a large capacity of 7 x 12 inches, and it is able to process a wide variety of metals, ranging from aluminum to steel.
  • When cutting either straight lines or irregular shapes, swivel vises provide for better control and variety in the cutting process. It is able to rotate up to 45 degrees, and its throat depth of 5 inches makes it feasible for it to operate on tasks that are more challenging. Those individuals who want to make frequent angle cuts will find the swivel features to be a very helpful addition.
  • The powerful and variable speed 34 horsepower, 115v motor can quickly and simply be adjusted to provide the greatest possible fit for your work and the materials you’ll be using. For a more reliable functioning, speed options range from 85 to 130 feet per minute, then 180 feet per minute, and finally 285 feet per minute. In addition, the use of a hydraulic downfeed significantly improves the capability to execute smooth cutting operations.
  • Even in the most demanding operational conditions, the Jet HVBS-7MW maintains its high level of long-term and constant performance because to its sturdy construction in heavy cast iron. In addition to this, the ground worm gear adds an additional layer of strength and longevity.
  • The bandsaw has a cooling system and an automated shut-off switch installed in it to ensure the operator’s safety and to eliminate any possibility of them losing control of the machine. The saw is programmed to turn itself off automatically after the cutting blade has gone all the way through the metal. Meanwhile, a coolant system prevents the blades from being overheated, ensuring that the cutting process remains as smooth as possible.
  • The bandsaw has material-stopping roller blade guides that can be adjusted for improved accuracy, as well as a wider range of material-working capabilities thanks to the bandsaw’s changeable roller blade guides.
  • This Jet horizontal band saw includes a chip tray that is built right in, so you can keep your work area clean and organized despite the steady accumulation of dust and waste.
  • Cons

If you want to use this metal bandsaw for more intensive cutting tasks, you should consider purchasing replacement blades since the ones that come preinstalled aren’t the most dependable.
Because the tray that is supposed to capture the cutting fluid is not large enough, there is a risk of the fluid spilling onto the floor.
Due to the saw’s relatively short switch for turning it off after use, it does not always turn itself off after each use automatically.


If you are looking for a bandsaw that you can rely on, one that is pleasant to use and reliable, you can be certain that the Jet HVBS-7MW will meet all of these precise requirements. This saw is a useful addition to any work site or home workshop because of its adaptability and extensive feature set, which includes variable speeds, a cooling system, and blade guards.

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