JET 414455 Horizontal Wet Bandsaw Review (2022)

The JET 414455 Horizontal Wet Bandsaw is a versatile piece of equipment designed for use in professional settings and capable of performing a wide variety of cutting operations.

This saw is ideal for tool shops as well as maintenance and repair businesses because of its ability to provide precise cuts cut after cut.

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This Jet horizontal band saw features a sturdy construction with a big square frame and a quick-acting vise to facilitate an easy setup and provide dependable cutting performance. It is constructed with a large number of characteristics that are both useful and safe, including the following:

  • Exceptional performance 3/4 HP, 115-volt motor
  • Variable blade speed (80, 130, 180, 265 SFPM)
  • Blade drive is solid made of steel
  • Compressor with quick action
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic feed system
  • The bronze worm gear rotates in an oil bath for a more efficient and quiet operation.
  • Both the saw head and table are made of cast iron, ensuring a sturdy structure.
  • Blade guides for precision cutting
  • Adjustable material stop
  • When the cut is finished, the blades will turn off automatically.
  • Wheel kit to make moving the bandsaw about the workplace more convenient and easy.
  • Warranty for two years.

Technical Details

4.5 inches in diameter, round at 45 degrees – 7 inches in diameter, round at 90 degrees — 45-degree rectangle, 7 inches long by 3-and-a-half inches wide — Rectangle with a right angle, 2 inches by 12 inches and 7 inches by 10-1/2 inches – Floor area of 50 by 18 by 41 inches; weight of 308 pounds; blade measuring 3/4 inches by 0.035 inches by 93 inches

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:

The improved JET 414455 is equipped with a plethora of advantageous features, such as a wide square frame and a quick-acting vise, all of which are designed to capture the interest of experts. Let’s take a look at some of this heavy-duty saw’s finest characteristics, including:

  • The JET bandsaw has adjustable blade guides that can be simply modified to meet the various types and sizes of metal. These guides allow for better accuracy and precision during cutting, regardless of the metal being used.
  • The blade drive is made of solid steel, and its construction comprises a worm that has been heated and treated, which in turn runs a bronze work gear that is saturated in oil.
  • In addition to being completely adjustable and able to rotate to a 45-degree angle, this bandsaw’s jaws also have a quick-positioning vise, which helps to boost the bandsaw’s overall efficiency while in use. Those machine companies that often switch between different kinds of materials to cut are likely to find this quick setup to be appealing.
  • Cast iron is used to manufacture both the saw head and table of this Jet horizontal band saw, making it possible for the saw to provide reliable performance over an extended period of time. Even when cutting the harder metals, this tool’s strong cast iron structure ensures that it provides a firm foundation.
  • After each cut is finished, the metal bandsaw is supposed to turn off by itself according to its design. When the item is not being used, the motion of the blade is halted, which is beneficial from a safety standpoint.
  • A complete cooling system is included in the bandsaw in order to increase the amount of time that the bi-metal blade may be used effectively.
  • The bandsaw’s blade wheels make it easy to move the saw to a new place in the workshop whenever it is necessary to do so. This makes it feasible for the saw to be relocated with total ease. In addition, the wheels are made of flanged cast iron for durability so that they can work well over a long period of time.
  • The heavy-duty piece of equipment that is JET machinery comes with a comprehensive user handbook to guarantee that it is utilized to its best capability while also ensuring that the safety features are recognized and understood by the user.
  • Cons:

Because of its many advantageous characteristics, the Jet horizontal band saw is an excellent piece of equipment to have in a tool, fabrication, or maintenance shop that is already well-equipped. These characteristics include: However, the higher-priced instruments don’t seem to draw as many consumers to leave online evaluations, and as a result, it is challenging to compile a list of the problems that customers have encountered while using this specific piece of machinery.


The JET 414455 Horizontal Wet Bandsaw is, all things considered, a piece of equipment that is built to last for the working professional and is offered at a reasonable cost.

It is deserving of consideration as a candidate for the title of best metal bandsaw for the industrial workshop. At the premium end of the market, it offers a metal cutting action that is both quick and effective because to the abundance of useful features that have been included into its design. In addition, the rapid set up design and detailed operating instructions that are included in the package mean that getting the workshop operational shouldn’t take too much time at all.

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