How To Fold A Bandsaw Blade?

If you are interested in learning how to fold a bandsaw blade, then let’s get started here and demonstrate the most effective method. When kept coiled, band saw blades take up much less space than they would otherwise. Typically, they are coiled in a three-loop configuration. Long blades, on the other hand, are often wound up in five loops so that they may be packaged more efficiently.

Tips On How To Fold A Bandsaw Blade

  • To coil a blade in three loops:

To begin, hold the blade vertically with both hands, as if you were about to place it on the saw, and make sure that the teeth are facing in your direction.

The bottom of the blade should be able to slide beneath the toe of one foot. Extend your arms out to the sides of your body while simultaneously turning the teeth inward. This will allow the upper half of the blade to fall away from you while you continue to hold it roughly in the center between your thumb and forefinger.

Gather your hands in front of you and swing the loop around your foot until it lands on your instep. After you have crossed the piece of the blade that you have been holding in your hands, take up the loop that has been lying on your instep and lift it until it is in the position of the top loop. The blade may be put away safely at this point.

  • To uncoil a blade with three loops:

Keep all three loops on the palm of your right hand with the teeth facing left. Choose a loop at random with your left hand and move it up until it is above the two loops that are crossed below. Reach down with your left hand, which is still clutching one of the loops, and take hold of the loop that is loose.

Letting go of the loops held in the right hand while firmly holding the two loops in the left hand will complete the task. The left hand now has complete control of the blade and is holding it in the center of its length.

Maintain your grip on one of the loops with your left hand while securing the other with your right. The blade can now be folded back up and is waiting to be installed.

  • To coil a blade in five loops:

Follow the instructions provided above to wind a blade into three separate loops.

When there are three loops, draw two of them together to make them smaller while keeping the third loop at its original size. Keep the two smaller loops in your left hand as you use your right hand to grab the larger loop in the center, making sure the teeth are facing in the direction of your body.

Position the bottom of the huge loop so that it is below one foot’s big toe. Turn the teeth inward with your thumb and fingers, and then release the top half of the huge loop so that it falls away from you. Bring your palms together and let this loop to sit on top of the instep of your foot. When holding the blade in both your right and left hands, you should cross it so that the right side is on top. You will need to stoop down and grab the loop that is now lying on your instep in order to bring it up to the position of the other top loops. The blade has been wound up into five loops at this point.

  • To uncoil a blade with five loops:

Keep all five loops in your right hand with the teeth pointed in the other direction, toward the left. Choose, using the hand on your left, the loop the ends of which will join to make the two loops that will be held in the hand on your right. Drop the loops that are being held in the right hand while keeping the left hand’s grip on one of the loops and reaching down to grab all three of the free loops.

You should now be holding a giant loop in the center of two smaller loops that you just created. You should let go of the loop that is being held in your left hand and instead grip the two smaller loops as well as one side of the larger loop with your right hand. Because the blade is now wound in three loops, you will need to follow the steps for unwinding a blade with three loops. In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, here is how to fold a bandsaw blade in a way that is both fast and simple.

To conclude, we would like to recommend that you put on some gloves of high quality to protect your hands and fingers from being cut.

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