Hitachi C12FDH Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser Review (2022)

Hitachi is a pioneer in the power tool market when it comes to research and development, and the company has accomplished several firsts in the field. It has been equipped with the very first sliding compound miter saw ever made. Today, Hitachi comes up with their new inventive mind of their engineers and takes it to the next level of creativity and engineering with new features in addition to their traditional excellence.

Once again, Hitachi has developed new technology and added some additional capabilities to the company’s miter and bevel saws. It has more of an effect and is more appealing as a result of the advanced features of the Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Laser. Miters and cuts may be made in a variety of materials, such as wood, plywood, panels, fiberboard, hardboard, and aluminum sashes, with the help of the Hitachi C12FDH 12-Inch Dual Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker. This saw offers a smooth and precise performance in all of these applications. The coding of it contains Hitachi’s proprietary Laser Marker System, which enables precise alignment, cutting precision, and blade position. This makes it a wonderful tool for trim carpenters, framers, and woodworkers who require and rely on both quality and dependability.

This model comes with a multitude of functions that will assist you in making precise cuts at any moment. To begin, it has a robust motor that is 15 amps. This motor can provide a steady speed of up to 4,000 RPM even when it is not under load. Even the hardest hardwoods and various types of plies were no match for its cutting power. In order to achieve precise alignment and positioning of the blade in a predictable manner, the Laser Marker System may be triggered prior to the blade being set in motion. Simply align the laser with the mark you have made on the work surface, and the saw will produce an accurate cut along the laser guide. The laser marker is very easy to alter and change to fit your tastes. When you get your dimensions correct, the amount of material you need to cut will naturally decrease. Amazon Discount click here !

Why the Hitachi C12FDH is such a loved power tool? Advantages:

  • It is incredibly simple to use and has a design that is quite adaptable. a compound miter saw with a dual bevel with a 12-inch cutting capacity and a laser marker.
  • Strong motor with 15 Amps of current and 1,950 Watts of output power
  • glides effortlessly through tough hardwoods with ease and comfort.
  • Hitachi has taken some new and inventive efforts toward developing their technologies.
  • For a more comprehensive selection of cuts, the miter scale goes from 0 to 52 degrees on both sides (right and left)
  • This package comes with a TCT saw blade with 32 teeth, a dust bag, an assembly tool, a box wrench, a hex bar wrench, and a holder assembly.


Saw dust is very hazardous to your health, but unfortunately, the Hitachi C12FDH does not come with any form of accessories that may help you deal with it. It has a total weight of 59.2 pounds. It is not easy to take up because of how hefty it is and how tough it is to manipulate. When use the gadget, one must exercise extreme caution at all times.


The totally remarkable level of product quality and service that Hitachi provides to its customers is the foundation upon which the company’s brand name and reputation have been formed. Hitachi has once again shown its standard, as well as its ability to provide a comfortable zone for users who are going to utilize this equipment in an easy manner, by using a large number of engineers and some of the newest methods, such as laser. This is the perfect instrument for you if you’re seeking for a miter saw with a cutting capacity of 12 inches, excellent cut quality, and a completely different cutting experience and finish.

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