Hitachi C10FCH2 10-inch Miter Saw With Laser Review (2022)

Hitachi has supplied an outstanding inventory list, and the innovation that it reflects is much more impressive than the list itself. The all-new Hitachi C10FCH2 versions of a compound miter saw is packed with the newest of features to drive you into amazement, and it is meant to offer you that additional edge with which you may improve your skill and adaptability to generate raised outcomes. It will drive you into awe. It is yet another compound miter saw that has been outfitted with a 10 inch blade with TCT teeth, which enables it to produce clean cuts through every sort of material and work-piece, including wood, plywood, hardboard, fiberboard, and even metal. Its bevel can be set from a range of 0 to up to 45 degrees, providing you with those smooth and flawless bevel cuts that you want, and its miter can be adjusted in a range of 0 to 52 degrees in both directions, giving you adequate room to angle your blade while cutting. Its powerful 15-amp motor enables you to administer even the most difficult cutting jobs with such ease and comfort as none other, and not to forget, its new laser marker system full-proofs your plan for absolute precision cutting. Whether you’re cutting metal, wood, or plastic, this tool will get the job done.


  • Using the laser marker technology, you are able to produce cuts that are accurate and solid by simply matching the laser with the mark that is on your work piece. A precise cut is made along the laser marker by the saw blade, which results in ideal results for you;
  • The enlarged pivoting flip fence offers more height for cutting into bigger workpieces of up to 2-5/16 inches high and 5-21/32 inches deep, so assuring that you will continue to be successful in business;
  • It operates smoothly while producing minimal noise because to its 15-amp motor, which can spin the blade at speeds of up to 5000 revolutions per minute;
  • It comes with carbon brushes that you may use to clean the inside of your blade and tool, so boosting the product’s durability and operating life;
  • It comprises of a big table that provides a greater support for keeping the saw in place, and it has an integrated clamping mechanism that assists you in holding down your work-piece in position so that you can make cuts that are measured and accurate.
  • You will experience an increased level of comfort and convenience as a result of its conveniently located thumb-operated buttons for adjusting the miter;
  • The fact that it is so lightweight also makes it very easy to carry about with you. It comes in at a weight of 26.5 pounds and is without a doubt one of the most effective lightweight choices for your tool requirements;
  • Its elastomer handles and pleasant grip, both of which decrease vibrations while the tool is in use, allow for increased precision in its handling;
  • It comes with an integrated dust collector, which helps to reduce the amount of sawdust and other particles that accumulate not only within but also outside of your tool.


  • To the extent that you are able to maintain precise measurements while using it, it is an excellent instrument with which to operate. The preciseness of the cuts you create with the laser marker technology is determined by the alignment of your markings; the bolt that controls the bevel angle may be unfamiliar to some people; and the dust collector seems to be ineffective when it comes to the job itself.
  • When it comes to meeting your requirements for inventories and power tools, Hitachi offers some of the most cutting-edge options available.
  • This particular kind of miter saw boasts a robust and powerful operation, and it also shows itself to be quite helpful, pleasant, and dependable to utilize in one’s task.

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