Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Review (2022)

Hitachi has always been known for the quality of its goods and has always led the industry in terms of innovative product design, which takes into account both energy efficiency and the level of comfort experienced by end users. Your job will become much simpler, and the Hitachi C10FCE2 compound miter saw will provide a greater degree of adaptability to your handicraft. This is done on purpose to make things easier for you while you are working. It features a blade that has a diameter of 10 inches and is equipped with tungsten carbide teeth. Additionally, it is driven by a motor that is 15 amps. The simple joy that you experience when your trimmings turn out to be delicate and exact is something that this saw helps you feel. Its additional reach of up to 5000 rpm, which makes even the most difficult cuts easy to do, is something that this saw helps you feel. The saw has a miter range of up to 52 degrees, which can be fine-tuned simply at the prick of your thumb. Additionally, the saw has a bevel range of up to 45 degrees with adjustable stops, which will help you improve your bevels and your abilities in accuracy and smooth cutting. Because it weighs just 26.3 pounds, portability is not an issue with this product.


  • One of the most lightweight compound miter saws available on the market that nevertheless packs a significant amount of power and precision in terms of the amount of work it can get done;
  • Because of its increased reach in revolutions per minute and its strong 15-amp motor, it is possible to work with tough materials;
  • Your work with bigger and heavier materials will be considerably simpler and easier to handle thanks to the connected expanded flip fence that rises to an increased height of 4 inches;
  • With its elastomer handle, intended to provide you a sturdy and secure grip, and its built-in clamping mechanism, which holds your work-piece down firmly in place, vibrations caused by high workloads are no longer a concern;
  • You have a lot of room for experimentation and improvisation because to the large range in which you may adjust the angle of your blade while you are cutting;
  • The bevels and chamfers that it produces come out very near to being flawless because to the wide variety of bevel angles that it offers;
  • It also has a dust collector, which helps decrease the collection of dust and particles in your work area as well as the inside of your miter saw, so improving the cleanliness of the job site and the saw’s shelf life;
  • It operates in a way that is both smooth and quiet, and the precise measuring indications it has provide for a highly pleasant working environment;
  • It comes with a guarantee good for five years.


  • The fact that the blade is 10 inches means that you can only work with board that is no bigger than the standard 2 by 6 inches. It is true that it is portable, but this mobility comes at the expense of a decreased capacity for making bigger cuts on larger workpieces. Additionally
  • The dust collector does not make a significant impact while it is being used, thus its efficiency is still considered to be in progress.

The compound miter saw that you’re looking at in the Hitachi catalogue guarantees you durability and maneuverability in addition to its capacity to work within your financial constraints. It may be put to use in both domestic and commercial settings, and it can be adapted to perform a wide variety of cutting operations on a variety of materials, including metals, boards, and different types of wood. Hitachi is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of technology and promotes this philosophy across all of its product lines, including its lineup of power tools.

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