Craftsman Miter Saw Professional 10 Inch Single Bevel Sliding Compound Review (2022)


Coming from a family of carpenters, I have always been curious and passionate about learning about all carpentry tools, such as drills, saws, and pincers. I’m addicted to carpentry tools, just like the rest of the world is to modern gadgets today. All of these tools and my background in carpentry come in quite handy because I have a garden in my backyard. I ran into a friend one day, and he told me about the Craftsman 10 single bevel slide. On his advice, I looked it over, and I’m putting some of my findings here.

This product’s ability to facilitate smooth cutting is one of its key characteristics. A laser facilitates and directs this, aiding in precise cutting. This product is portable because it is lightweight and tiny in size, making it simple to carry. Additionally, even dense materials can be cut with this. Regardless of the blade that is employed in the compound’s collar, there are 4,800 revolutions per minute. This makes it appear as though cutting through either hard or soft wood is a simple task because every cut leaves behind sharp edges and precise corners. Due to the lower size of the blades utilized compared to traditional saws, this device allows the consumer to save money. Additionally, these blades are rust-resistant and simple to clean. The saw’s spin, though, is just 12 inches wide. As a result, the task moves along more quickly, allowing us to complete it more quickly. A Laser Trac is part of this saw. This Laser Trac’s unique feature is that it precisely lines up with our pencil marks for quick work, and when the customer wants accuracy, the built-in clamping system provides the desired angle. The dust bag, blade wrench, extensions, and clamp that came with this item are also included.


  • The fact that this product is portable is one aspect of utilizing it that makes me as a user feel really comfortable. I can bring it with me. Being a traveler, I always have a saw attached to my backpack. Craftsman 10 Single Bevel meets my purpose because it is tiny in size.
  • The Laser Trac is another aspect of things that I enjoy. This, I believe, provides me the accuracy I need to cut close to the pencil mark. I was ecstatic about it at the time.


  • The front knob’s shoddy construction is one of the aspects of this device that bothers me. Every change requires that the knob be loosened and tightened, which slows down my job.
  • There is a trigger lock as well, but I’ve discovered that only right-handed people can operate it. Being primarily left-handed, I found it difficult to maneuver the saw.
  • I give this product three stars. I constantly think there is potential for improvement, which would make way for future versions to be better. This model wouldn’t get a total drubbing from me. However, I believe that if the clauses in the Cons paragraph are solved, then this concept would be quite beneficial.

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