Craftsman 7-1/4 in. Miter Saw with Laser Trac Review (2022)

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The miter saw by Craftsman measuring 7-1/4 inches is an excellent choice for cutting on a more localized size. It is an excellent tool for use in domestic settings and modest workshops. By eliminating the need for high-scale miter saws, this tool will save you both time and money. Despite its little size, the saw is more than capable of justifying its price tag in terms of its cutting ability.

Craftsman is the industry leader when it comes to the retail sale of power tools. The company has developed some of the most cutting-edge technology and contributed a significant number of novel ideas, both of which have contributed to the gradual but steady improvement of Craftsman’s products as they have been released onto the market. The product’s quality is reliable, and it comes with a warranty; I decided to get it because I didn’t want to deal with the headache of shelling out more cash for any kind of repairs, and I also wanted to spare myself the trouble of mixing and matching different pieces with my miter saw. Because I did not want to make any concessions in terms of quality, I decided to get this 7.25-inch miter saw.

The following is some information that you might find useful regarding this product.


  • This miter saw weighs very little and is quite easy to move around.
  • For routine cutting and trimming tasks, it is economical and convenient to use.
  • Included in the package are two blades, one for rough cutting and one for clean cutting.
  • Includes a built-in laser that aligns the blade to ensure the most exact cuts possible.
  • This saw will allow you to make bevel cuts just at home.
  • It has large knobs with quick-release mechanisms, making it pleasant to work with the saw while also facilitating quicker adjustments and cuts.
  • possesses a separate dust collection system that, after each time it is utilized, will ensure that your working space has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • The saw has a project ruler built in into it, so you can use it right away.
  • This portable miter saw features a motor that provides 9.0 Amps of power.
  • It has a remarkable speed of 5000 revolutions per minute when running.
  • Using the saw to create precise cuts is made even simpler thanks to the built-in ruler that measures 7 inches and is machined into the saw’s fence.
  • Because the wire is 10 feet long, it is simple to use even if there is not a plug point in the immediate vicinity.
  • It has a palm grip, which makes it easier to use because it has a better grip and so makes it easier to operate. A strong grip gives the user improved saw control while they are operating.
  • Included in the package is a 40-tooth thin-kerf blade that can easily cut through a variety of wood products.
  • The saw’s many different settings may be made with a minimum of effort and fuss.


  • Due to the saw’s lack of size, it should not be used for any kind of heavy-duty cutting.
  • Large-scale industries are not a good fit for the saw.
  • Because it lacks the facilities necessary to support materials of big sizes, it is not ideal for those types of materials.


The device is reliable and long-lasting, and it may be used effectively for cutting on a localized size. It is perfect for those who enjoy woodworking as a pastime, as well as for any form of woodwork, whether it be molding, framing, or trimming. The product has a reasonable price and lives up to its promises in all aspects of its operation. The saw is recommended for use by beginners due to the fact that it is reasonably priced, and the laser trac further assists in achieving an accurate cut. As was noted previously, another advantage of using this saw is that it is capable of producing both rough and smooth cuts.

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