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Be Aware Not to Get Swindled At Railway Station

1. “Your booking is complete here”

You may be redirected to the “Tickets” field. But a nice stranger will come and say it’s not a stranger’s cash register – they’re so willing to even take you there themselves! Sure, the foreigners did deal with train tickets at the International Tourist Office, but you never connected with a private travel agent that you could sell train tickets at a preferential price and a bus ticket
at a cheaper price. Volunteer to offer help you didn’t ask for. The International Tourist Ticket Office is on the 1st floor of the main railway building, to the left of the main hall at the top of the stairs. It is open from 8 am to 8 pm and on Sundays until 2 pm. Don’t let anyone tell you which one is closed.

2. “Your train is canceled”

A man of apparent authority tells you that your train is canceled due to an accident, fog, or strikes and you must follow him to the office where you can buy another train or get a refund receive. But instead, they take you to a private travel agency that will sell you a new train ticket at an inflated price, or a bus ticket at an inflated price – or even a taxi at an enormous price. Pay attention to the train suspension information – your train is on its way – probably a little late, but
is still running. ..Ask in the question box or ask anyone in uniform before you believe it. The scammers know that tourists often make commitments and are willing to pay to reach an important destination like Agra.

3. “You need a boarding pass”

You have a ticket or e-ticket and are walking to your platform, but are stopped by a man who appears to be in authority and tells you that you need a boarding pass. Call someone to take you to the office where you can pick it up. You will be directed to a private travel agent who will check your ticket on the computer and tell you that your seat has been resold as you have not validated your ticket and there are no others – BUT you can buy a bus ticket! It only costs twice as much as a train ticket! Beware of boarding pass fraud – you don’t need one at Indian Railways!

4“Show me your tickets”

You sit down and wait for the train to depart and the conductor to arrive. He has a dark blue jacket. You check your ticket and you are told that you have not paid the tourist tax or it has been issued incorrectly – in any case, you will have to pay Rps 750 or another small amount for the trip.

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