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Best Wood Moisture Meter

Use The Best Wood Moisture Meter For Your Woodworking Project!

The unique aesthetic appeal and character has made wood the first choice for making furniture and flooring. Wood provides a unique sense of warmth and a touch of sophistication to the house. Other than furniture, it is used for creating musical instruments, statues, sculptures, ships, buildings, utensils, tools, etc.

One of the main disadvantages of using wood is its characteristic of shrinking and swelling. The content of moisture in the wood causes it to shrink and expand. Although you will notice some seasonal changes, but the highest amount of shrinkage happens when drying fresh lumber to normal humidity levels.

So, while making use of wood, you should always take into account some wood movement. Try to start with wood that is sufficiently dry as it will reduce the amount of changes that your furniture will deal with. I usually make use of varnish as it slows down the rate at which moisture can get in and out of the wood.

When some water is dropped on wood, the thin pieces of wood get affected much faster. Also, as you are applying water directly, the expansion becomes quicker. Thicker pieces of wood will take weeks to get affected by water. So, depending on the product that you are creating, try to make use of thick wood. Also, if the residual moisture of the wood is more than 18% then the piece of wood cannot be used for heating. The best residual moisture value that should be present is 10%.

To keep a track of the moisture level in the wood, you can make use of the wood moisture meters. There are several wood moisture meters available in the markets. However, selecting the best one among them is a difficult task. Here are some features of using wood moisture meters:

  • It is helpful for new home inspections and restorations as it can locate roof leakages.
  • The device can measure the water content of wood and building materials with accuracy.
  • It can check the surface dryness of wood or dry wall before you initiate to paint, seal or treat it.
  • It can measure the DC electrical resistance of the wood and use that to calculate its moisture content.

I had purchased some meters earlier and among them the cheapest one broke quickly. Also, in cheap moisture meters, you don’t have to specify the wood species you are measuring. This will cause a bit of inaccuracy in the meter readings. The regular multi-meter that I purchased, made the entire process slow as I had to drive prongs or nails into the wood to take the reading.

Stihl Wood Moisture Meter


Personally, I found the Stihl Wood Moisture Meter to be the best device amongst others. The main reason is that the quality of the device is excellent. I could measure the moisture level of firewood, paper, cardboard, construction materials, etc. easily. It displays the surrounding temperature of the device in Celsius or Fahrenheit. To get the measurements accurately, I push both the tips of the device into the wood properly. The instructions booklet is available with the product, so you can get your queries resolved through the booklet.


Amprobe MT-10 Moisture MeterAnother interesting and useful device for checking the moisture level of wood is the Amprobe MT-10. I could measure the moisture content of materials such as concrete, lumber, paper, plaster, etc. easily through this device. It can also measure the indoor air quality applications that detect moisture in walls, ceilings, and floors. Up to 60% of the moisture in wood and paper can be detected by this device. Its accuracy for testing wood and paper is + or -2%. It is a perfect device for reading the moisture levels quickly, accurately, and easily.


Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno E/D


However, if you want to use a much simpler and user-friendly wood moisture meter then you can use the Lignomat Moisture Meter. You just need to push the pins into the piece of wood and the device will automatically turn on to provide a reading. Simple, isn’t it? The reading is quite accurate and it functions a wide moisture range of 6-45%. It just takes a few seconds to provide precise readings.


Another effective device that is better than the above-mentioned one is the Delmhorst Moisture Meter. The device offers three separate scales, which are wood, non-wood, and Delmhorst BD-2100drywall. As it has inbuilt colored LEDs, you can understand where the reading is within each scale. Among the three scales, the wood scale will enable you to measure the level of moisture in materials such as flooring, studs, etc. over the range of 6-40%. It is a very easy to use device, and I am planning to purchase this one for my next woodworking project. It features an audible out of range alarm, 100 data point memory, internal calibration check, maximum readings, and much more. The device is ideal for testing building materials such as wood, plaster, roofing, concrete, etc. Its versatility has made it one of the best wood moisture meters in the market.


General Tools MMD4EThe most important feature that attracted me towards the General Tools Moisture Meter is it’s easy to read LCD display for quick viewing and hand-held device. It is an ideal product for woodworkers and contractors to measure the moisture content in wood, subflooring, and concrete drywall. To use the device, I had to stick the stainless steel pins into the surface and get the readings. The tool can also be used for finding the level of moisture in floor coverings and sub-flooring.



Wood moisture can lead to cracking, splitting, warping, and a number of other problems. Wood workers are aware of the fact that excessive moisture can cause serious damage to the finished product. So, they use moisture meters for checking the humidity in wood before starting with their woodworking project. This provides them the confidence to start working without any worries. The moisture measurement of wood is important as the wood keeps shrinking and expanding due to the changes in moisture level of the air. So, select the best wood moisture meter that is simple to operate and has a bright and clear display.

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