which woodworking book is the best

Best Woodworking Books

Best Woodworking Books Will Make Your Project Simpler!

If you are interested in woodworking, then you will surely look for ways to enhance your knowledge and skills. The best way to get ideas on woodworking is by purchasing woodworking books. You can either purchase them from the local shop or place an order online. But what are the Best Woodworking Books?

There are several online stores that offer woodworking books for a low price, online shopping also offers you the opportunity to check reviews of other buyers and get the gist of the book. Purchasing through the Internet provides the convenience of placing orders from the comforts of the home. Also, the book will be delivered right at your door step. Easy, isn’t it?

Woodworking books will enhance your woodworking skills by providing the right techniques and strategies to revamp your home. These books are perfect for beginners as well as professionals. Most of the books are written by qualified woodworkers, so you can be assured to receive the correct information on a variety of topics. It will hone your skills on various woodworking projects and help you to achieve the best results.

Listed below are some of the best woodworking books that you could buy for your project:

Complete manual of woodworkingBest Woodworking Books 1: This book offers more than 1800 drawings, photos, diagrams, and much more related to woodworking. Overall, it is a complete guide that encompasses the entire art and craft of woodworking. The book is designed in such a way that it is perfect for beginners as well as experts in the field of woodworking. It includes a detailed conversation on the principals of hard woods and soft woods. You can even learn the basics on selecting the right hand tools for your project through this book. There is a detailed description on several techniques like bonding, fastening, jointing, laminating, and more. It will teach you the right ways to use wood carving tools efficiently and in the right manner.


“I can do that” projectsBest Woodworking Books 2: If you are tired of finding the right tools, looking for ways to use it, and finding the perfect wood for your project, then you should buy this book. With the help of this woodworking book you will be able to build quality furniture easily and quickly. The book will provide you detailed information on the tools that need to be purchased, the wood that will be perfect for your DIY project, and a step-by-step format of performing the basic operations for completing a project. It will also provide information on creating the most fundamental wood carving cuts like sweeping, sliding, stabbing, and much more. Overall, it is an ideal book for beginners, so get one for your project right away!


Complete book of woodworkingBest Woodworking Books 3: If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on woodworking skills, tools, techniques, strategies, etc. then this book will be apt for you. The book involves basic techniques as well as the most advanced methods of woodworking. The tips and tricks provided are easy to follow so that novices can complete their projects effortlessly. If you read the book thoroughly and follow it religiously, then you are surely going to become a master in the field of woodworking. The book involves detailed plans for 40 woodworking projects that can be managed easily at home. Also, there are over 1,200 illustrations to make your DIY project simpler. The book will enhance your skills in molding and shaping of wooden products. Professionals in woodworking can read the book to improve their existing skills and hone them to perfection. In short, it is a perfect book for beginners as well as professionals. So, give a face-lift to your home by using this amazing book.


Weekend woodworking BookBest Woodworking Books 4: This book is perfect for all those hobbyists who want to try new stuff for weekends. It is filled with 150 classic projects that feature colorful and informative ideas to make your weekends busy. You can even know more about the various planning stages in woodworking projects through this book. Selecting the right wood, gluing techniques, working with patterns, and finishing processes will be covered in this book. After reading the entire book, a newbie will be able to create simple shelves, mirrors, clocks, cars, puzzles, jewelry boxes, and much more effortlessly. Experts will be able to build cupboards, cabinets, side tables, etc. without any difficulties. The book provides clear, concise, and quality project plans to keep you excited for the entire weekend. Beginners can start with smaller projects and progress steadily to the difficult tasks. One thing is for sure, that the book will provide accurate plans so that your woodworking project turns out to be fun and interesting. So, buy this book and make your home all the more beautiful by handmade wooden stuffs.


Woodworking basicsBest Woodworking Books 4: Learning the basics is extremely important for completing any task. With this book, you will be able to clear the basics of woodworking such as the correct working tactics with hand and power tools, the easy method of cutting dovetails, and much more. You can even get details on two complete projects in this book that includes a bench and a small cabinet. The book will help you to create sturdy and long-lasting wooden items. An incorrect cut can damage or weaken your final product. Using the right techniques and tools is very important. So, master the essentials of craftsmanship with this amazing book on woodworking.


A beautiful wooden product will last for a lifetime if it has been created perfectly. It is not always simple to complete a DIY project, especially if you are a novice. You need to look for the right resources to make your plans effective. The online woodworking books and magazines will provide the right boost for you to start your project and complete it successfully. So, use the books mentioned in our Best Woodworking Books list that are filled with secrets and tips by experienced craftsmen and create durable wooden products that you can flaunt. Your neighbors and friends are certainly going to envy you!


Best Rotary Hammers

Best Rotary Hammers For Your DIY Projects!

One of the easiest ways to maximize productivity on a DIY project is by investing in the best tools. The end result is always the most awaited one, as it shows your hard-work and determination. Among the several tools that you will require for your project, one of the most important machinery is the rotary hammer. There are several rotary hammers available in the market and selecting the best one among them is a difficult task. These tools will enable you to drill holes quickly into concrete, steel, etc. So, depending on the features that they provide and your DIY project, you can select any one of the tool. Which are the Best Rotary Hammers?

I found the rotary hammer drill to be a more powerful version of the traditional hammer drill. These drills will help you to drill and chip into stone, concrete, masonry, etc. Most of them have a motor driven piston so that the hammering action is extremely intense. These drills can rotate, so it makes the bit to spin and hammer concurrently. This enhances the final output and will save you from potential injuries. Listed below are some of the amazing rotary hammers that are offered by leading companies. You can check their features and buy the best one among them for your project:

Best Rotary Hammers 1Bosch Rotary Hammer: This hammer features three operational modes, which are the rotary hammer, rotation-only mode, and the hammer-only mode. It has a powerful motor of 7.5 amps, which is capable of delivering 2 ft/lbs. of impact energy. Moreover, it has a unique positioning that can rotate and lock the chisel into 36 diverse positions; thus, optimizing the working angle in hammer-only mode. It is a light-weight tool, which provides a lot of comfort to the user and reduces fatigue. The low-weight makes it possible for the user to use the tool in raised areas that would otherwise have been impossible. The tool has a vibration control feature that provides maximum comfort to the user and also reduces the chances of damage. In short, it is one of the most convenient tools to use for DIY projects.


Best Rotary Hammers 2Hitachi Rotary Hammer: This rotary hammer has a powerful 5.4 amps motor that provides super-fast drilling. The tool features two modes of operation; which are drilling only mode and hammer-drilling mode. As it is extremely light in weight and compact in size, it gets easier for the user to drill in tight spaces and is ideal for overhead operations. The 620 watt motor offers exceptional drilling performance for small as well as medium sized holes. The tool will be a perfect addition for your metal work, drilling, and fastening tasks. You will even get a plastic case with the tool for storing additional bits. I guess, purchasing this hammer is totally worth the price!


Best Rotary Hammers 3Milwaukee Rotary Hammer: This heavy duty tool features two modes of operations; which are the rotary hammer drill and rotation only. Some more features of the tool include anti-vibration system, 2-finger trigger that provides optimal comfort, and soft-grip handle to make the entire drilling session simpler. You can use its rotary hammer mode for up to 55 holes on a single charge. Isn’t that astounding? The anti-vibration system will reduce fatigue and make it comfortable for you to use for longer periods. Depending on your project, you can select any of the modes and get the right combination of precision and power for each task. You just need to plug the batteries into the cordless hammer and choose the setting that you require. The side handle will let you hold the drill comfortably so that you can complete the entire process perfectly.


Makita Rotary HammerBest Rotary Hammers 4: This tool has a powerful 7 amps motor that delivers 4,500 BPM. The machine features three modes of operations, which include the rotation only mode, hammering with rotation mode, and hammering only mode. Also, it features a torque limiting clutch that prevents the gear to get damaged by automatically disengaging the gears when the bit binds. The rubberized D-handle provides extra comfort and grip while using the machine. The soft grip side handle will let you work for hours together without getting tired. Moreover, it is extremely easy to change the bit as the tool features one-touch sliding chuck. The multiple chisel positioning will let you set the bit at 40 different positions to align with the application. Its versatile design makes the tool popular among electricians, masons, etc. So, I would suggest you to use this tool if you want to enhance your productivity while reducing fatigue.


Best Rotary Hammers 5Dewalt Rotary Hammer: This amazing tool offers 3 Joules of impact energy for making the entire drilling session extremely fast. It has a high performing 8.5 amp motor that can fulfill all your drilling needs. One of its unique features is the Shocks Active Vibration control that considerably reduces vibration and makes drilling easier and comfortable. Its rotating brush ring will enable you to work at full speed in forward and reverse positions. The tool includes a rotary hammer, 360 side handle, kit box, and a depth rod. It is the best tool to grab when making holes in stone, concrete, etc. The machine has inbuilt safety features that will make your workload less tiring and less time-consuming. So, make this wonderful shock proof rotary hammer a part of your important tools.

Rotary hammers are excellent tools for users who want to drill above their heads. The tool is extremely low in weight and makes it simpler for the user to drill for longer durations without getting tired. I agree that they might be a bit costlier than the traditional hammer drills, but they certainly are more efficient to operate. The design of its mechanism provides impact force and makes the entire drilling process faster. These hammers are available in two sizes, among which the smaller one will be perfect for household use. So, research well and buy the best rotary hammer for your personal use. After all, these tools are going to remain with your for lifetime, so buy them patiently. Best Rotary Hammers

Best Drilling Machines

Best Drilling Machines For Your Woodworking Project!

Drilling machine is a tool that will help you to prepare holes of prescribed diameter on several surfaces like wood, ceramic tiles, construction sites, metal processing industries, etc. However, the drill bit and the power changes depending on the surface over which the hole has to be drilled and the nature of operation. It is the most common and essential machine that you will require for your woodworking project. Also, most of the drilling machines are durable enough to last for a lifetime, so purchase one with care. What are the Best Drilling Machines?

There are different drilling bits available in the market and depending on your project, you need to purchase them. Mostly, for woodworking projects you will have to buy a drill that can make a hole without damaging the wood. All drilling machines have changeable drill bits so that you can make the hole of desired sizes.

There are different types of drill machines available like electric, hand operated, battery operated, etc. Personally, I found the portable and light weight drilling machine to be perfect for my DIY woodworking project. The one I selected was powered by electricity. Instead of selecting a cheap machine, I bought one from a leading brand so that it stays with me for a longer duration.

There is no dearth of drilling machines in the market. Sellers are offering machines of all kinds; cheap as well as costly. Depending on your project and budget, you could select one. Some machines come with flashlights, smart chargers, etc. that will obviously add to its cost. Here are some of the most popular and best drilling machines that are sold online. You may pick one of these for your woodworking project:

Best Drilling Machines 1Black & Decker Drill: It is a lightweight, cordless drilling machine with a compact design. The tool is easy to use, especially in tight and confined spaces. You can use the tool for drilling into wood, plastic, metal, and all screw driving tasks. Due to its light weight, you won’t get tired while using the tool for the entire day. I am absolutely impressed with its 11-position clutch that provides precise control for drilling. The anti-slip soft grip gives a lot of comfort while drilling. The tool has an LED light that can illuminate your work place and make it easier to drill in dark places.


Best Drilling Machines 2Dewalt Drill: The drill has dual speed range that delivers optimal performance, and is extremely light in weight. You won’t feel tired at all while using the machine as it is just 5.2 pounds in weight. The tool is inclusive of two batteries, a kit box, double ended screwdriver bit, and one hour charger. It can fit into the tightest conditions due to its compact size. Moreover, the powerful high-performance motor will provide a lot of comfort while working for longer time. You can use it easily while making frames, installing cabinets, or any of your DIY projects. Dewalt is a leading manufacturer of tools and accessories that can be used for industrial or personal use, so you can be assured to have the best quality tool for reasonable price.


Best Drilling Machines 3Rockwell Drill and Driver Combo: If you have not yet purchased tools for your woodworking project, then you can consider purchasing this combo. The Rockwell drill and driver combo kit is available with free replacement batteries for a life-time. Both the tools are extremely lightweight and have a compact design to provide extra comfort to the user. With the tool, you will receive two 20-volt batteries so that you do not face any kind of interruptions while completing your project. The LED lights on both the tools will help in making you work in darker areas. It will even make your work area illuminated. You can carry the tools easily at any place as they have belt hooks.


Best Drilling Machines 4The drill machine weighs less than 2 lbs., which reduces fatigue while working for longer durations. It offers 15+1 torque settings and two speeds so that you can find the ideal setting for your woodworking project. You can slide the battery on and off with a slight push of a button; thus, making the entire change quick and simple. When not in use, you can hang the tool at a convenient place with the help of its belt clip. If you are still looking for some reasons for using this drill, then the most interesting part is that the company will replace the battery of your tools whenever it dies for free of cost. Impressive, isn’t it? Moreover, if you want to purchase only the drill and not a combo set then you can buy this one.


Best Drilling Machines 5Porter-Cable Drill: This drilling machine is ideal for small as well as large applications. Its light weight reduces user fatigue and makes it comfortable to use for longer durations. The kit includes two batteries, a kit box, a double ended bit tip, and a charger. The gear box comprises of two speeds, so that you can complete your task quickly and efficiently. The LED bulb attached to the tool will enable you to work effortlessly in darker areas. The weight of the drill machine is 3.5 pounds, which makes it extremely light weight. This will help you to work without getting tired. The kit includes all tools and accessories that you will require for your DIY woodworking project. You will be able to easily drill on the toughest metals, wood, fastening applications, etc. The high-output motor will enable you to work at full-speed. Whether you are installing cabinets in the kitchen, framing out rooms, or fastening hinges of the doors; the tool will be very handy to use and will help you out with all projects.


So, depending on the speed, weight, and efficiency of the drilling machine, you can select any one of them. Also, try to purchase the tool that is offered by a leading brand so that you can get good quality stuff for a low-price. Make your woodworking project simpler by purchasing one of the best drilling machines!

Best Bench Grinders

Best Bench Grinders For Your DIY Projects!

If you want to achieve good results in your woodworking project, then it is necessary to have sharp and well-maintained tools. The tools with dull edges will not only slow down your project but will also damage the wood. You will require a huge variety of woodworking tools for completing each project and every tool has to be sharpened so that it works well. The sharpening of the tool can be done by using unique instruments. There are several sharpening tools available in the markets that have been created especially for making your woodworking project simpler. Among these tools, the bench grinder is a vital instrument that can help in keeping the chisels and blades sharp. The tool can also be used for shaping numerous metal objects. But what are the Best Bench Grinders?

The bench grinder consists of one or two motor powered grinding wheels. It is a great tool for hobbyists and metal workers to grind and sharpen small objects like knives, bolts, chisels, etc. There are different kinds of bench grinders available and depending on the type of wheel mounted on its motor, you can utilize it. Some grinders can be used for making fine finishes on the surface while others can be used as a polisher or a grinding tool. They are handy tools that will help you to perform well while working on many woodworking projects. Here are some different kinds of bench grinders that you could use for your DIY projects:

best bench grinders 1Jet Bench Grinder: It is a powerful 8-inch bench grinder that can sharpen, shape, remove rust, and remove burs from metal. The product includes two vitrified grinding wheels among which one is for coarse sharpening and the other one is for fine sharpening. It consists of 1-horsepower and 115-volt motor that will make your project quick by providing a lot of power. The rubber foot of the grinder will prevent unwanted movement, when the grinder is in use. I usually use the grinder for chisels and plane irons for my DIY woodworking project and I am very pleased with the smoothness of the tool.


best bench grinders 2Metabo Bench Grinder: It is a sturdy tool that makes minimal noise and very less-vibration for the first few minutes. The tool consists of a maintenance free induction motor and tough die-cast protective covers that are made of aluminum. The grinder has a perfect balance on both sides and excellent grinding capabilities. My experience with this tool has been satisfactory and looks like it is going to remain with me for a lifetime. I grind my woodworking tools on a regular basis with the help of this bench grinder but only when I want to work for a lesser time on it. The only problem I have with this grinder is that it usually gets heated up quickly so I cannot use it for longer. Also, when it is heated up, the wheel makes the entire unit vibrate. So, it is a perfect tool that can be used for short durations.


best bench grinders 3Sunex Bench Grinder: I am absolutely impressed with the tool’s bright and flexible work light. It has two grit wheels and each of them has a protective spark guard so that you can work with it without any worries. You can make the grinder mount on stand or on a worktable. It has a smooth running motor and bearings. This grinder is on my list of tools that I would love to possess. Its rock solid durability and powerful efficiency is attracting me a lot of purchase this tool for my next woodworking project.



best bench grinders 4Dewalt Bench Grinder: It is an ideal tool for heavy duty grinding and numerous other applications. The powerful motor and its high speed make the grinding operations simple and quick. The base of the tool is made of industrial cast iron that provides optimal durability. It is conveniently designed for numerous operations inclusive of sharpening blades, chisels, bits, and several other cutting tools. You can use the tool for grinding metals accurately to the desired thickness or shape. Most of the woodworkers use the bench grinder for removing rust from their metals and then to sharpen and polish them. So, if you are looking for a durable tool that will help you in sharpening tools, removing rust, deburring or cleaning objects, then the Dewalt bench grinder will be a perfect choice.

best bench grinders 5Wen Bench Grinder: This bench grinder has a 2.1 Amp motor and an extremely light weight design. It is a perfect tool for your woodworking project. It will sharpen the blades of various tools and help you in deburring the ragged edges of the tools. The two-year warranty of the product will let you use the tool without any worries. If you want then you can also purchase a stand that will fit the bench grinder perfectly. I usually use the grinder for buffering and polishing some of the aluminum pieces of my car. Once I had even used it to sharpen the lawn mowers blades, and it worked very well. For my woodworking projects I usually use the other bench grinders that I have in my tools section.


best bench grinders 6Pit Bull Bench Grinder: This bench grinder has adjustable tool resets to provide a correct working angle. You will never face any problem with the motor bearings as they have been permanently lubricated. The tool has dual LED work lights that will illuminate your work area while the bench grinder is in working condition. It comprises of one fine grit wheel and one coarse grit wheel. You can get this versatile and useful product for your woodworking project right away. It is reasonably priced and will bring back the sharpness to your tools within minutes.

So, stop wasting your money in replacing the dull and rusty tools. Just get a powerful bench grinder for yourself and sharpen the blades of all your tools. Also, try to spend a little bit of more money on purchasing a good quality bench grinder rather than a cheap one. Cheap tools will not work for a lifetime and won’t even meet your home improvement needs. So, research well and purchase the best bench grinders for yourself. Do not forget that for the best woodworking practises you will need more tools, so read more about woodworking tools.

which is the best moisture meter

Best Wood Moisture Meter

Use The Best Wood Moisture Meter For Your Woodworking Project!

The unique aesthetic appeal and character has made wood the first choice for making furniture and flooring. Wood provides a unique sense of warmth and a touch of sophistication to the house. Other than furniture, it is used for creating musical instruments, statues, sculptures, ships, buildings, utensils, tools, etc.

One of the main disadvantages of using wood is its characteristic of shrinking and swelling. The content of moisture in the wood causes it to shrink and expand. Although you will notice some seasonal changes, but the highest amount of shrinkage happens when drying fresh lumber to normal humidity levels.

So, while making use of wood, you should always take into account some wood movement. Try to start with wood that is sufficiently dry as it will reduce the amount of changes that your furniture will deal with. I usually make use of varnish as it slows down the rate at which moisture can get in and out of the wood.

When some water is dropped on wood, the thin pieces of wood get affected much faster. Also, as you are applying water directly, the expansion becomes quicker. Thicker pieces of wood will take weeks to get affected by water. So, depending on the product that you are creating, try to make use of thick wood. Also, if the residual moisture of the wood is more than 18% then the piece of wood cannot be used for heating. The best residual moisture value that should be present is 10%.

To keep a track of the moisture level in the wood, you can make use of the wood moisture meters. There are several wood moisture meters available in the markets. However, selecting the best one among them is a difficult task. Here are some features of using wood moisture meters:

  • It is helpful for new home inspections and restorations as it can locate roof leakages.
  • The device can measure the water content of wood and building materials with accuracy.
  • It can check the surface dryness of wood or dry wall before you initiate to paint, seal or treat it.
  • It can measure the DC electrical resistance of the wood and use that to calculate its moisture content.

I had purchased some meters earlier and among them the cheapest one broke quickly. Also, in cheap moisture meters, you don’t have to specify the wood species you are measuring. This will cause a bit of inaccuracy in the meter readings. The regular multi-meter that I purchased, made the entire process slow as I had to drive prongs or nails into the wood to take the reading.

Stihl Wood Moisture Meter


Personally, I found the Stihl Wood Moisture Meter to be the best device amongst others. The main reason is that the quality of the device is excellent. I could measure the moisture level of firewood, paper, cardboard, construction materials, etc. easily. It displays the surrounding temperature of the device in Celsius or Fahrenheit. To get the measurements accurately, I push both the tips of the device into the wood properly. The instructions booklet is available with the product, so you can get your queries resolved through the booklet.


Amprobe MT-10 Moisture MeterAnother interesting and useful device for checking the moisture level of wood is the Amprobe MT-10. I could measure the moisture content of materials such as concrete, lumber, paper, plaster, etc. easily through this device. It can also measure the indoor air quality applications that detect moisture in walls, ceilings, and floors. Up to 60% of the moisture in wood and paper can be detected by this device. Its accuracy for testing wood and paper is + or -2%. It is a perfect device for reading the moisture levels quickly, accurately, and easily.


Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno E/D


However, if you want to use a much simpler and user-friendly wood moisture meter then you can use the Lignomat Moisture Meter. You just need to push the pins into the piece of wood and the device will automatically turn on to provide a reading. Simple, isn’t it? The reading is quite accurate and it functions a wide moisture range of 6-45%. It just takes a few seconds to provide precise readings.


Another effective device that is better than the above-mentioned one is the Delmhorst Moisture Meter. The device offers three separate scales, which are wood, non-wood, and Delmhorst BD-2100drywall. As it has inbuilt colored LEDs, you can understand where the reading is within each scale. Among the three scales, the wood scale will enable you to measure the level of moisture in materials such as flooring, studs, etc. over the range of 6-40%. It is a very easy to use device, and I am planning to purchase this one for my next woodworking project. It features an audible out of range alarm, 100 data point memory, internal calibration check, maximum readings, and much more. The device is ideal for testing building materials such as wood, plaster, roofing, concrete, etc. Its versatility has made it one of the best wood moisture meters in the market.


General Tools MMD4EThe most important feature that attracted me towards the General Tools Moisture Meter is it’s easy to read LCD display for quick viewing and hand-held device. It is an ideal product for woodworkers and contractors to measure the moisture content in wood, subflooring, and concrete drywall. To use the device, I had to stick the stainless steel pins into the surface and get the readings. The tool can also be used for finding the level of moisture in floor coverings and sub-flooring.



Wood moisture can lead to cracking, splitting, warping, and a number of other problems. Wood workers are aware of the fact that excessive moisture can cause serious damage to the finished product. So, they use moisture meters for checking the humidity in wood before starting with their woodworking project. This provides them the confidence to start working without any worries. The moisture measurement of wood is important as the wood keeps shrinking and expanding due to the changes in moisture level of the air. So, select the best wood moisture meter that is simple to operate and has a bright and clear display.

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Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review

Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review

Ted’s Woodworking Plans claims offer instructions for over 16,000 different DIY projects. This includes crafts, furniture, and decorations, among dozens of other categories. Before purchasing a membership, you should read this detailed Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review.

ted's woodworking plans reviewThere are projects for all skill levels. Whether you have never picked up a saw or you have a complete workshop at your home, you can immediately begin creating. But, does the value of these projects match the cost of signing up? Take a look at the rest of this Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review to find out.

Click here to visit the official Ted’s Woodworking website!

About Ted’s Woodworking Plans

What is Ted’s Woodworking Plans? As the name suggests, you will get a large selection of woodworking projects. Instead of a downloadable eBook, these projects are presented through a members-only website.

When you view the introductory video for Ted’s Woodworking Plans, you will hear a long story about how Ted discovered a simple solution for improving his woodworking skills. He claims that this solution is present in these 16,000 woodworking plans, allowing anyone to start building beautiful wood furniture.

The cost of admission gives you access to all 16,000 woodworking plans, along with other features, tools, and resources. This includes 3D modelling software, a CAD file viewer, and expert woodworking tips and tricks.

Once you purchase a membership, you can log into the member’s area. From there, you can begin browsing or searching woodworking plans. You can also access your bonus documents, such as a woodworking business guide and other resources.

There is also a small videos section containing instructional videos. These videos will walk you through some of the projects, giving you a better idea of how to complete each step.

Features and Benefits

This Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review includes a detailed look at all the features provided by this membership website. While we have discussed a few of the details, here is an overview of the main features and benefits of Ted’s Woodworking Plans:

  • Claims to include 16,000 plans – Covering a wide variety of projects. You will find plans for Adirondack chairs, boats, bird feeders, bookcases, clocks, dog houses, fences, frames, greenhouses, and thousands of other projects.
  • Includes a DWG CAD file viewer – This file viewer can be used to view DWG and CAD files, which are common file formats for 3D modeling software.
  • Comes with access to 3D modelling software – The modelling software lets you plan out complicated projects. You can avoid mistakes by properly planning the design of your project. This software can also be useful for adjusting the scale of your project.

When you log into the website, you will be able to browse the woodworking plans, view videos, or access the extra software and resources.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review – Pros

  • More woodworking plans that you could likely ever need – If you decide to purchase a membership to Ted’s Woodworking Plans, you will get immediate access to all of these plans.
  • Quality customer support – If you have any questions about these projects or how to navigate the website, the customer support team will get back to you quickly.
  • Includes a guide for starting a woodworking business – After improving your woodworking skills, if you would like to make money from your hobby, you can use this guide to start your own business.
  • A great value for the cost – When you add up all the features that are included in this package, you get a great value. The thousands of plans alone would support the cost of Ted’s Woodworking Plans. By including other features, you get an even greater value.
  • There is a deluxe plan available – If you get tired of the 16,000 plans, you can get even more by purchasing the deluxe plan. This will give you access to four additional sections – shed plans, designer shed plans, home 3D software, and a resources and reference section.
  • Plenty of satisfied customers – When a website is able to back up their claims with customer testimonials, then you feel a little safer making a purchase. Ted’s Woodworking Plans has hundreds of satisfied customers. If you take a minute to search the web, you will find that the vast majority of customers are completely happy with their purchase and have enjoyed gaining access to the abundance of plans available.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review – Cons

  • The website is not very organized – You may have trouble finding the woodworking plans that you are looking for. They are not sorted based on experience level or category. So, you will have to spend time browsing through the site or search for the specific type of project that you want to complete.
  • Even though there are 16,000 woodworking plans available through Ted’s Woodworking Plans, there are not a lot of video tutorials. It would have been nice if the website would include more instructional videos.
  • There are several complaints about Ted’s Woodworking Plans available online. The majority of these complaints attack the legitimacy of the website. While it is hard to verify whether or not Ted is a real person, it is easy to verify that the creators of this website really do provide you with everything that they claim. This includes the thousands of woodworking plans, CAD file viewer, and 3D modelling software.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review Verdict

Ted’s Woodworking Plans is an interesting site. You get about 16,000 woodworking plans, the plans cover everything from building a shelf to building a shed. You will also receive the other resources listed in the review, such as the CAD file viewer and the 3D modelling software.

The only drawback is that the plans are not very organized or structured and there is a lack of video tutorials. These are only minor complaints, given the sheer volume of woodworking plans provided.

While it is hard to believe that there really is a guy named Ted that created 16,000 woodworking plans, does that really matter? You cannot really complain about these small issues when you are getting access to thousands of plans. The bottom line of this Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review is that you get what you pay for – 16,000 woodworking plans + extra’s. Highly recommended!

Click here to visit the official Ted’s Woodworking website and get the best deal!

ted's woodworking plans review start


I still cannot believe that I have built a lot of furniture all by myself! The entire credit for this goes to the Teds Woodworking blueprints. These customized and detailed blueprints saved ample of time and money for me. It even helped in saving lots of energy as it mentioned the quality of wood, materials, and tools that I needed.

ted's woodworking plans reviewI did not have any knowledge in carpentry and in spite of that I could build the furniture quickly. The blueprints provided loads of tips and tricks that helped me to learn faster. I am really proud of my accomplishment and would love to indulge in woodworking again. As there are thousands of plans provided in the package, you are certainly going to be spoilt for choices.


The blueprints can create woodworking projects within no time. You can create numerous projects for enhancing your woodworking skills and building confidence. Believe me; working with wood was never so easy! I received 16,000 step-by-step plans that comprised of detailed woodworking designs. These designs provided A-Z instructions, which made my entire task of various furniture quick, easy, and fun!


Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this guide will be perfect for building stuff with wood. There are several projects mentioned in it and you can select the one as per your choice. If you are a beginner, then you can start with the small and simple projects and as you get the knack of it, you can pick some big and intricate ones. The blueprints are provided with clear instructions and have been especially created for novices.


The plans can be used for building cabinets with plenty of shelves, dressing tables, side tables, bookshelves, toys for kids, outdoor shed, and much more. It is certainly a great way to build something by yourself and in the manner that you had always dreamt of. Moreover, it saves a lot of money as you won’t be paying the carpenters and helpers for creating furniture for your home. My family is totally impressed with my craftsmanship, and I would certainly pass on the acclamation for this to Ted.

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