I am a 31 year old passionate wood worker, and I have created several pieces of furniture for my home. In spite of completing civil engineering from a reputed university, I realized that I was more interested in carpentry. So, I started building things for my home. It was not easy to start building furniture in the beginning. However, with constant support from my family and a passion to work with wood helped me to create various beautiful pieces. I kept researching through the Internet and read several books to enhance my obsession.

Finally, I have gained enough information in this field and would love to spread my skills to others. The entire purpose of this website is to improve your knowledge and skills. It is a great website for beginners as well as professionals so that they can gain expertise in the field of woodworking. I have a lot of knowledge in woodworking tools, so I have provided detailed information on the various tools that every wood worker must possess. These tools will enable you to express your creative ideas at a higher and much more satisfying technical level.

I am always ready to help others and this website is a great way to assist fellow wood workers. There are several tips provided in the website, so don’t forget to check them out. In case of any doubts, you can get in touch with me through email or simply fill in the ‘contact me’ form. You can expect to get a reply within 24 hours.

Woodworking is an interesting art that can keep you engrossed for multiple days. However, always ensure that you use the best quality stuff so that the final product is sturdy and attractive. Thus, take your woodworking passion to a whole new level by spending some time with your favorite activity.

Guys feel free to cantact me and ask whatever questions you want, I will always be happy to answer ! 🙂