All That You Wanted To Know About Woodworking!

Welcome to my website on woodworking! In this site, we will let you know in detail about each aspect of woodworking. We will discuss on some of the most important woodworking tools that every wood worker should possess. My article is apt for beginners as well as professional workers, so keep reading!

What is woodworking?

What is woodworking

We see all kinds of woodworking around us! The activity of making things from wood is known as woodworking. It is an art to design intricate pieces of furniture. You can actually create anything with the help of woodwork. So, if you are interesting in proving your skills, then you should create something special and unique for your home.

Creating things from wood is not easy. You will have to use several woodworking tools and skills for creating them. If you are a novice then you can start building with a simple bird house. Once you get the knack of it, you can build furniture for your home. There are no limits to what you can build by woodwork so keep exploring!

Woodworking has been there since many years and through all these years it has progressed considerably. New devices have been created to make the entire process simple and easy. This has enabled us to create various kinds of wood work irrespective of its size or shape.

Have you ever tried creating a piece of furniture by yourself? It will provide great satisfaction and you are sure to save a lot of money! Also, you never know when this hobby will turn out to be your next profession!

Here are a few factors that you should know before starting with a woodworking project:

  • Are you really ready and interested in creating a piece of wood work? It’s going to be a time- consuming task depending on the product you decide to create. So, start working only if you have the required amount of patience, time, and dedication.
  • Do you have the correct tools for working?

It is very important to have the right woodworking tools before you start working. There are hundreds and hundreds of tools available in the market. You will have to research well before purchasing any of them. Buy only those tools that you really require for your project.

  • Is the product that you create going to be useful to you?

If the answer to the above query is ‘yes,’ then start creating it otherwise you may end up leaving it halfway. That will be a sheer waste of time and money! And, I am sure none of us want to do that. Also, a useful product will provide you the zeal to complete the project as quickly as possible.

These pointers will enable you to achieve success in your venture. Once you have answered for the aforesaid queries in a positive manner, it means that you are ready to start with your woodworking project. Woodworking has always been a great hobby for people across the world. So, get started to make your own piece of furniture.

Woodworking tools review

It is necessary to purchase the right tool for any project so that the end product is manufactured accurately and quickly. Here are some tools that woodworkers use for their projects. Depending on your project, you need to select the best tool among them. Some of them are ‘must-haves’ so don’t forget to add them to your collection of tools. There are few tools that can be avoided depending on your preference. So, research well before you really start spending money on these tools. There are a variety of tools available in the market so make the right decision.

Here is a vast list of tools that you can own. I have also mentioned their uses, so read the entire set of tools well and purchase the one that suits your project.

Here is a vast list of tools that you can own. I have also mentioned their uses, so read the entire set of tools well and purchase the one that suits your project.

  • The Claw Hammer: It is the most basic tool that is available in all households. The claw hammer must provide a good grip to the hand so that the head of the hammer does the entire work and it becomes easier to use it. They are also available with a steel handle or a fiberglass. So, depending on the kind of project you have, you can select the right hammer for yourself.
  • Utility knife: There are several types of utility knifes available in the market. However, the one that has disposable blades is the most commonly used.
  • Measuring tape: This is the most important tool that every woodworker should possess. There are different kinds of measuring tapes available and among them the retractable one is the most widely used. Ensure that you purchase the tape that is at least 25 feet long.
  • Wood moisture meter: It is extremely important to know the correct moisture content level of the wood that you are using for building furniture. The moisture level of the wood usually varies depending on the area that you reside. So, use the wood moisture meter to measure the correct moisture content before using it for your project.
  • Chisels: Usually, woodworkers have an assortment of chisels in their set of tools. They are used for cleaning the joints and saw cuts. I have purchased the chisels that are made of high-alloy carbon steel. Also, the tool has hardwood grip with a metal cap so that it is easier to use. Depending on your project, you may require several varieties of chisels that consist of various sizes.
  • Bench Grinder: Keeping the chisels and the screwdrivers sharp is vital as dull tools will make the project extremely slow. So, buy a Bench Grinder for yourself. It is reasonable priced and will save you a lot of time.
  • Screwdrivers: They are yet another important tool that every wood worker must have. There are several kinds of screwdrivers available and you may require a few of them for completing your project. Ensure that you purchase at least one long screwdriver with a square blade, a small one with a thin shank, and few medium sized ones.
  • Nail set: You must have several sizes in your nail set. They are used to drive the nail heads into the wood. It helps to grip the nail better and keep it from sliding off and damaging the wood.
  • Layout square: It is available in diverse sizes. Mostly, the 6” model is used by woodworkers because it is easy to carry. It is used to mark square cuts on stock.
  • Caliper: A set of calipers can come handy for fine-tuning your project. Nowadays, digital calipers are available in the markets that reduce the guesswork. I had done a mistake of purchasing a plastic caliper for my project, and then I ended up spending money again for purchasing the metal one. Ensure that you get a metal one for yourself as those made by plastic are not durable at all. They can be used for numerous jobs like measuring slot diameters, hole diameters, and more.
  • Jig: Jigs save a lot of time as you don’t have to measure each cut and joint. It is usually used with a power tool to guide the piece through the saw. They are perfect for cutting an accurate circular shape.
  • Hand saw: Usually, woodworkers end up purchasing several hand saws for their project. These are available in various kinds like the fretsaw, mini saw, tenon saw, and much more. All of them have different cutting surfaces and angles; thus, making your entire project simpler.
  • Feather Board: They are important for attaining smooth and quality cuts. You can use them with any kind of saw or other cutting tools. Feather boards can also be made by the wood worker so that it suits their needs accurately.
  • Drilling machine: There are two kinds of power drills available; electric ones and cordless ones. Among the two, I prefer using the electric drill. They are much cheaper than the cordless drills and the steady flow of power makes them more effective.
  • Sabre Saw: It is a must tool for every woodworker. With this Saw you will be able to cut curves and patterns. So, if you want to design a beautiful piece of furniture with lots of curves then you must use this tool. Also, I would suggest you to purchase the electric one rather than going for a battery-operated Saw. Always buy one by checking the grip of it; the Saw should fit your hand perfectly otherwise it will become difficult for you to use.
  • Sliding bevel: It is a hand tool that is used for marking angled lines on a piece of wood and it can be adjusted to almost any angle. It consists of two parts; which comprises of a blade made from steel and the stock that is made from wood. The tool also has a locking system so that you can lock it when the angle that you want is achieved.
  • Palm Sander: It is a must power tool collection for all wood workers. They usually move in circular patterns or back and forth. This tool will enable you to create swirls and streaks in your wood. However, ensure that you do not sand patterns into your finished work with this tool.
  • Table Saw: The Table Saw will help you to miter, rip, shape, square, and join. Its work surface should be heavy duty so that it can withstand the abuse that it will encounter. So, purchase one patiently by checking it properly. Even though they are portable, but are very heavy to carry. So, it is better you place them in your work area and do not shift its places. Also, it is essential to purchase a Table Saw with high voltage power so that it can cut through hard wood easily. Its motor should not vibrate much, and must run smoothly.
  • Try Squares: They are used for drawing perfectly straight lines on wood. It can also be used to check how straight the piece of wood edge is before or after it is cut. It consists of two parts; first one is a wooden handle and the second one is a broad metal blade.
  • Routers: It is a must-have tool for every wood worker. The router will enable you to shape the edges of your work. You will be able to shape your furniture in innumerable varieties with the help of this tool. If you are in the beginning stage of your woodworking, then you can purchase a stationary base router. This will be a great tool to start and end the cut at the same depth that was pre-set by you. If you want to plunge the bit into the wood, make the cut, and lift it back out then you will need a plunge router. Large bits need to operate at slow speed, so I bought a router that provides variable speeds. The new router tools that are available in the market have sensors that can evaluate the load. So, you can even think of buying them.
  • Band Saw: The Band Saw is the most powerful and effective tool for cutting rabbets and tenons. It will provide precise shapes and curves to your piece of wood. You can even use the tool to rip small pieces of wood for making laminate strips. Purchasing a free-standing model is better as they have more sturdy saws and are inbuilt with several features. They even have large motors and are one of the most preferred tools by professional wood workers.

Other than the aforesaid tools, there are many more woodworking tools that you may require to complete your project. As you keep progressing in the project, you can purchase them for yourself. However, ensure that you only purchase the ones that you require and do not end up wasting money on unwanted tools.

I always keep my woodcarving set handy before starting with any woodworking project. The set includes 5 knife handles, 6 assorted blades, 4 routers and 5 gouges. All of them are high-quality tools and are nicely placed in a wooden chest. The set is a must for all wood workers as it will help you to turn ideas into realities.


Moreover, I would love to add this particular Rotary Hammer to my set of tools. I have heard it is a very powerful tool and has a 3-mode operation. These operations include; rotary hammer, only hammer, and only rotation for maximum versatility. It is a low-weight product so you can work with it for the entire day without straining your body. Also, the separate modes can help in switching easily in between the project and provide extreme versatility. I will surely get this one for my next project.

Another interesting tool is the Wood tool sharpener. It will help in sharpening large turning tools efficiently and swiftly. It can also be used to sharpen and grind carving tools, which are required for your projects. It is an air-cooled, dry sharpening system that allows for fast and precise sharpening of carving tools. It is a great tool to reshape new or damaged chisels. I prefer using the sharpener as it is packed with several unique features.

Some of these features are:

  • Makes the tools sharper: A sharp blade will provide better results and I will be able to work without making a mess or delaying a project. I can cut through the tougher materials quickly and create precise details in my wood project. As the blade is extremely sharp, there is a lesser amount of strain that is put on my body.
  • Quick and consistent sharpening: It is difficult to sharpen small chisels but with this sharpener, life has become simpler. Its sharpening port can handle blades from 1/8 inch to 2 inches. Thus, it becomes extremely easy for me to sharpen the bevel on small tools from underneath the wheel.
  • Convenient product: The sharpener is extremely convenient to use. It is easy to hold larger blades in place as I sharpen them freehand on the top of the wheel.
  • The glass wheels provide uniformity: A traditional grinding wheel usually wears out quickly, but the tempered glass in this product maintains its flatness forever.
  • Reliable and easy to use: Unlike the wet sharpening products, this sharpener is absolutely free of mess. Also, there aren’t any chances of damaging the edge created or ruining the temper of steel tools.

In short, it is another ‘must-have’ product for making your woodworking project simpler.

Taking care of your woodworking tools:

With a lot of research, you have purchased the right tools for your project. But, are you maintaining them properly? One thing is for sure that if you do not take care of your woodworking tools, it is surely going to get spoilt quickly. And, who would like to waste their money by spoiling their tools? So, it is necessary that you use the below-mentioned tips for taking care of your tools:

  • Use a good quality oil or lubricant to wipe your tools every time after use.
  • Wipe your tools with a cotton rag and then store it in a dry place.
  • To save your tools from rusting, store them properly in a tight covered bag so that it does not come in direct contact of moisture.
  • All tools have to be maintained in different ways. Read their maintenance instruction booklet well so that you can keep them saved from the harsh climates.
  • Keep the cutting tools sharp by using a wood tool sharpener. This will enhance their age.

The condition of your tool will enable it to work correctly and efficiently. So, always keep them safe and protected from moisture and extremes in temperature.

Important tip for woodworkers:

Working with wood is not easy. Make sure that you take good care of yourself by using comfy masks that will keep you protected from dust. You can purchase a reusable cloth mask that will filter out airborne dusts. It can be worn to save you from inhaling woodworking dust and allergens. The mask is environmental friendly and is extremely durable. It is a multi-purpose mask that can also be used after you have completed your wooden project. I always use the mask as a precautionary measure before starting with my project. Earlier, I had even used disposable paper masks but they were quite uncomfortable. The day I started using this one, I have never purchased another mask for myself. So, don’t forget to purchase one for yourself before you start with your woodworking project.

Caring for your wooden furniture:

Creating your own wood work will provide a lot of satisfaction and happiness. You have already spent a lot of time in creating the product. Now that you have created a beautiful piece of furniture for your home, taking care of it is of utmost importance. You need to use the following tips so that your furniture does not get worn out quickly:

  • Use a soft and dry cotton cloth to dust your furniture.
  • To maintain its luster, you should clean it regularly.
  • Hot objects should never be kept on wooden furniture.
  • Wipe up the spills promptly so that the stains are not formed.
  • Direct sun rays may fade away the color of your furniture. So, make use of tablecloths or coverings to keep them protected.
  • Wax furniture should be re-waxed every year. You can purchase the wax from any woodworking supply stores.
  • Avoid using cheap wood cleaners and solutions that contain ammonia as it will cause a long-term damage to the surface.

Wooden furniture has an antique look that makes the house beautiful. Keep it clean so that the charm lasts for long. Woodworking is creating whatever is in your mind from pieces of wood. It can have different meanings to everyone. Some find it as an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles while for others it is a source of stress relief. There is nothing like taking a pile of wood and turning it into something. So, get yourself to work with the amazing woodworking projects and build something special and unique for your home.